Airport Displays

From the entrance to the departure gates of any airport, our smart, stylish solutions will meet passenger information requirements every step of the way.

Modern passenger terminals are designed for the efficient movement of people. The provision of real time information is an essential part of this design. Data Display offers a number of LED airport information displays to provide travellers with clear up-to-date information:

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  • LED Arrival displays & LED Departure displays
  • LED Baggage Reclaim displays
  • LED Check-in Desk displays
  • Departure Gates displays
  • Passport Control/customs information displays
  • Traffic Guidance Systems
  • Car Parking Systems

The supply of up-to-date information in an easy to read format will greatly improve a passenger’s perception of the terminal. Data Display flight information displays (FIDs) assist travellers to find the required information in order to guarantee a successful journey.

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