Bus Stop & Shelter Displays

Prominent electronic bus stop displays and bus shelter displays enable the public to see specific information about their journey in real time (RTPI) such as when their bus is due to arrive, the service number and any other general information which may have an impact on their journey. For example, in Leicester, a combination of multi-line summary bus shelter displays and pole mounted displays were developed to provide a city-wide customer information system

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Data Display has been involved in numerous projects for Bus station displays, bus shelter displays, bus stop displays, Real Time Passenger Information both in the UK and overseas, including:

• LED bus shelter displays for Transport for London.
• Pole mounted flag style LED passenger information displays developed as part of a citywide customer information system.
• Double–sided ultra bright amber LED bus stop display installed with an IP65 enclosure.
• Bus shelter display indicating next scheduled bus to arrive.
• Standard bus shelter display featuring bus number, destination, time and estimated waiting time for next bus.
• RTPI bus stop display for the City of Nottingham.


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