Bus & Tram Displays

For the public, having access to accurate, Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) is crucial to a stress-free journey. We offer a wide range of electronic information displays to provide clear and up to the minute information including concourse displays, bus shelter displays, bus stop displays and bus station displays. Our displays can be used to show a wide range of messages including platform/bus service numbers, destinations, expected departure/arrival times, current time, schedule changes etc, all of which can be tailor made to satisfy any individual requirements.

As an innovative company, we recognise that the overall design and look of the RTPI display is an important consideration as well as cost and maintainability and we work closely with our industry partners and system integrators in order to deliver exciting new passenger information displays. The majority of our products use the latest surface mounted LEDs which, owing to their maintained accuracy of placement, give the smoothest of scrolling text as well as effective heat dissipation, thereby improving overall reliability. A range of TFT customer information displays have recently been added to our range of products, which provide excellent performance in particularly demanding environments.

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