Car Park Displays

By locating our dynamic and advisory level displays at strategic locations such as main entrances, entrance approaches or zone/level transitions, parking displays are invaluable in providing drivers with information on where available spaces are located within multi-storey car parks.

For a simple low-cost system our Spaces/Full displays can be linked to our Car Park Controller unit which can be customised to monitor car park usage and provide either a ‘Full’ display or ‘Spaces’ or the actual number of spaces remaining. The unit uses input/output signals from existing control barriers or loops.

For more advanced solutions we offer a complete turnkey car park management system, developed by Data Display and incorporating many different parking displays, which can be customised to meet the needs of the client and offers real time information to motorists. The system is highly flexible and can be extended to become a city-wide public information and parking system. For example, Data Display has supplied a complete, integrated parking guidance system for the town centre of Dundrum (Ireland) which is providing real benefits to both the council and motorists alike. The whole system has been developed to incorporate a diverse range of electronic information displays. It consists of 36 off car park level indicator displays showing the number of spaces available on car park levels, 18 pay station information signs, 11 parking guidance displays, 2 ‘Prepare To Stop’ warning signs and 2 main entrance displays in bi-colour.

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Our car park VMS displays can also be linked into other vendors existing systems.

As well as displaying information on space available within the car park we can also supply dynamic tariff displays showing the charges for different parking periods. The tariff displays can be linked to a central system to allow charges to be quickly and simply changed allowing dynamic pricing to be used to maximise the revenue from your parking estate. Information displays (aimed at the motorist entering or leaving the car park or at the car occupants as they leave or re-enter the car park on foot) can be used to inform about changes to parking arrangements, or to give details of what’s happening in adjacent retail or leisure parks

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