Cinema Displays

Whether your needs are indoor, outdoor, box office, lobby or auditoria, Data Display has the solution to ensure that you can effectively inform, direct and promote your services to your customers as soon as they enter your cinema.

By displaying up-to-the-minute show times, directional information, movie trailers and advertising messages you can establish a welcoming atmosphere with pre-show entertainment and customer information, provide a cutting edge cinema environment, enhance customer experience, speed up the flow of customers, reduce labour costs in changing signs and increase refreshment sales.

Data Display is a world leader in providing electronic information display solutions and can offer you a complete system of cinema information displays, designed to integrate customer information throughout your cinema:

• Multi-line box office displays to inform customers of film titles and show times. To aid readability, lines can be displayed in alternate LED colours.
• Lobby directional displays, which are multi-line LED signs positioned at strategic locations throughout the cinema in order to guide customers to their chosen film. The style and format of lobby directories vary considerably and care is taken to develop a display which is sympathetic to the style of the cinema.
• Single line auditorium displays to inform customers of the title of the film being shown.
• Indoor and outdoor graphics displays allow text, logos or advertisements to be shown in full colour.

All cinema displays are controlled by our easy to use Windows-based software, which can be fully customised to integrate with the cinema's requirements and can interface with ticketing systems to allow accurate real-time information to be communicated to the customers.

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