Health & Safety Displays

Electronic information displays can be used to remind employees of key safety information ranging from time lost through accidents, monthly/yearly comparisons, and accident rate display to policy reminders and safety goals. Our range of health and safety displays can heighten awareness of vital safety information, which can reduce the number of accidents, increase productivity and profit as well as create a better working environment.

Data Display's electronic health and safety boards and the accident rate display systems provide a clear and dynamic means of communicating vital safety messages throughout a large manufacturing environment. Here are some examples of some of the Health & Safety boards we have produced:

• Health & Safety board for BOC Edwards with LED displays for specific health & safety information and an additional scrolling message line for other general Safety messages.
• An external health & safety display for the Domino’s Pizza Group Head Office using red LEDs housed in an IP65 enclosure.
• A large Health and Safety display installed at Kimberly Clark featuring accident rate based information.


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