Warning Displays

Our range of warning signs and vehicle activated signs are designed to interact with drivers and immediately influence their behavior. When presented with real time information, they are encouraged to make more informed decisions about their driving such as approaching hazards at safe speeds and adhering to speed limits.

Data Display provides a comprehensive range of speed reactive signs and school warning signs which can be invaluable for critical areas such as around schools, residential areas and hospitals where pedestrian crossings may not be sufficient to reduce accident rates. They are also a proven means of alerting drivers to sudden changes in speed limit changes and of dangerous bends. Signs have an adjustable speed setting, which can be adapted to suit local regulatory and operating requirements and are capable of displaying both text and pictograms. Equipped with an automatic brightness control, our LED displays will remain visible in all operating conditions, even direct sunlight. Units do not require routine maintenance and are powered by mains supply as standard but, solar and wind powered options are also available.

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