Multi Line LED Displays

Designed to display static text, Data Display's wide range of multi-line electronic dot matrix displays use Light Emitting Diode (LED) display technology, well known for its reliability, legibility and ease of maintenance. Our LED displays and LED signs are suitable for both internal and external applications and prove to be invaluable in improving communication and promoting business and services.

Multi line LED displays and LED signs are easy to set up, program and can be up-dated quickly with no technical expertise and are designed to be installed into environments where large amounts of information need to be conveyed to a large group of people both quickly and effectively. The applications for such dot matrix LED displays are limitless but, they are proving to be very popular in airports, high street outlets, cinemas/theatres, auction rooms, staff rooms and for advertising purposes.

The LED displays have various display features such as bold/script fonts, auto centre of text as well as many page transitions, which can be creatively and imaginatively used to display eye-catching text effects. Our LED displays are easily operated, with a range of control methods including via PC or laptop with RS232 or RS485. Other communication/interface options available include Ethernet TCP/IP.

Our Multi line LED displays are available in many different formats and colours to make your electronic LED signs more effective and eye-catching — as can be seen from the information below. However, if you have any specific requirements, which fall outside of these specifications, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the project in more detail.

Databoard Options:

Character Heights Indoor 30mm 50mm 80mm 100mm  
Outdoor 50mm 80mm 100mm 140mm 160mm 200mm 250mm 320mm
LED Colours Indoor Red Green Amber Multi-Colour  
Outdoor Red Green Amber  
Characters per line Options vary according to character height - refer to character chart for more details.
Number of lines Any (2 Lines+)
LED Brightness Highbright for indoor use/Ultrabright for outdoor use. Please note not all colours are available in all brightnesses.

Blue and white LEDs are also available, upon request.

Whatever your application, Data Display has a Multi Line LED display to help improve internal and external business communications and promote your business and services.

Other options are available depending on whether your LED display is for an internal or external application. For example with all different types of dot matrix LED display you can select your chosen size of text, character height and number of lines of text that you require in accordance with viewing distance and how far away the display is to be viewed from.

Data Display's expertise in software ranges from working together with system integrators to interfacing displays into an existing computer network. For standard LED signs we can provide our own windows based software. This breadth of experience enables a rapid and flexible response to customer requirements and significantly reduces both the cost and design time for software applications.

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