LED Numeric Displays

Numeric LED Displays, sometimes referred to as 7 segment displays are a great way to display numeric information that needs to be clearly visible, such as prices.

This type of display is used for applications such as electronic fuel price signs. Our range of electronic fuel price displays for petrol station forecourts have been developed to satisfy the increasing need for petrol stations to update constantly changing fuel prices much more effectively and safely. Our displays remove the need to update prices manually, which can often be time-consuming and can invariably lead to inaccurate prices being displayed. They also remove the need for high level access to the signs making a better option for health and safety. Electronic fuel price signs provide excellent visibility and distance legibility, along with high-contrast colour combinations to attract even the high-speed motorist. See the Petrol Forecourts section of the website

Other examples of how LED numeric displays can be used to good effect are; LED time and temperature displays, LED countdown displays and also for advertising rates and special prices, e.g. hotel room rate displays. A few examples of numeric LED displays can be seen below.


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