The majority of manufacturing takes place at our 60,000 square feet automated manufacturing plant in Ireland, employing over 120 personnel. Here, every single aspect of a display's manufacture is carried out, including the following critical elements:

• Design and fabrication of housings
• Powder coat finishing of housings
• Design and manufacture of display modules
• Module testing
• Final assembly and test
• Manufacture of custom packing crates

This offers us a great deal of control over our products to ensure that all orders are completed to the highest quality and reach the customer on time. Our dedicated engineering teams (including software development engineers, hardware design engineers, test engineers and product support engineers) ensure that our products and services continually meet the needs of a rapidly changing market.

We also place significant emphasis on Research and Development from both a hardware and software point of view and have an extensive R&D team dedicated to develop the best possible solutions for our customers.

A small amount of manufacturing is carried out in the UK at our Waterlooville site.


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