Mobile Displays

Trailer mounted VMS displays are extremely versatile as they can be easily and quickly deployed at short notice to get information to drivers when and where they need it. The unit is easily transportable and offers the flexibility to warn drivers in advance of temporary events which are likely to impact on traffic such as diversions, accidents, expected congestion, road closures, road-works or contra-flows.

These displays also prove to be invaluable in the effective regulation of traffic during an event, where traffic can become highly congested. This may include effective route signage to direct people to the event or creating diversionary or alternative routes to successfully manage traffic congestion or simply just informing motorists of potential delays or to have tickets ready on arrival.

The VMS display is mounted on a central hydraulic-powered pillar for raising and lowering and is capable of displaying both text and pictograms. Our signs are extremely reliable and user friendly and have a range of remote programming options, thus reducing the need for on-site supervision.
Trailer Mounted VMS Displays may be powered by battery, solar power or mains supply and built-in sensors control the display’s brightness levels to ensure clear, non-dazzling messages. Furthermore, the sign can be fitted with a speed-activated detector which activates the display to flash warning messages to alert the driver.

We can offer a wide range of highway variable message signs suitable for a whole host of traffic management applications, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements in further detail.


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