Oxford Circus Station

London Underground installs new first-class LED signs at Oxford Circus supplied by Data Display-Daktronics

Oxford Circus Underground station is the busiest on the London Underground network. The result of this is that there can occasionally be an excess of passengers trying to use the station at any one time which causes safety concerns at platform level.

London Underground were looking for a method of informing customers at street level if the station is closed, or if there are delays on certain lines. This will greatly improve the customers experience as they will have up to date information before even entering the station, and during Station Control, customers can make an informed decision for their journey. It will help the station staff immensely, as customers will be kept up to date, even while outside of the station, relieving pressure on the staff.

At first an extra electronic display was considered for installation below the Oxford Circus Station light box across the top at street level on the four stair wells. However, due to concerns with the loading capacity of the existing posts and stone plinths an alternative solution was required that would not spoil the aesthetic look of the area and cause possible overhead height clearance problems.

Data Display-Daktronics came up with a solution of replacing the light boxes with full colour RGB electronic displays that show the same as the original light boxes but can be controlled from the office below to switch temporarily to amber warning messages regarding station closure and telling passengers to use other stations.

There has been a lengthy and detailed design period to achieve this and Data Display-Daktronics have manufactured bespoke displays to satisfy all these requirements. Each display is a standalone unit and can be driven to display an individual message. The introduction of these displays offering RGB and video output has future proofed the light boxes and will allow other alternative information to be shown as the demand arrives.

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