Parking Guidance Displays

Parking Guidance Displays (or Car Park Guidance Displays) are typically placed on arterial routes into a city, on ring roads around the city and at major junctions to provide driver information on car park utilisation or to advise on park and ride schemes. These displays significantly reduce circulatory traffic congestion and driver frustration and are completely flexible in terms of what text should be displayed.

They consist of both fixed and variable text. Our systems are not only configured to direct motorists to the various car parks available but also to inform of space availability, allowing them to make a more informed decision about their chosen route. Six character VMS modules (either mounted behind fixed sign plate signs or housed within larger enclosures) provide either car park full displays (‘Full’) or car park spaces displays (‘Spaces’ or the actual number of spaces remaining’) for specific car parks.

Our Parking Guidance Displays can be supplied ready to link into an existing UTMC system. Alternatively we can offer a complete turnkey parking guidance system such as that supplied for the town of Dundrum in Ireland. The whole system has been developed to incorporate a diverse range of electronic information displays. As well as 11 parking guidance displays around the town, the system also controls over 50 displays within the car parks.

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