Petrol Forecourt Displays

Data Display’s range of electronic fuel price displays for petrol station forecourts have been developed to satisfy the increasing need for petrol stations to update constantly changing fuel prices much more effectively and safely. Our displays remove the need to update prices manually, which can often be time-consuming and can lead to inaccurate prices being displayed. They also remove the need for high level access to the signs as all necessary changes can be implemented remotely, meaning that you can alter your fuel prices, quickly and accurately whatever the location or weather.

Electronic fuel price signs provide excellent visibility and distance legibility, along with high-contrast colour combinations to attract even the high-speed motorist. By using our highway VMS technology, our electronic fuel price displays constantly monitor the prices displayed and ‘blank’ the display should any fault occur. This ensures total pricing accuracy, meeting the requirements of UK Trading Standards for Weights and Measures with respect to displaying prices for goods.

Prominent signs, such as our electronic forecourt totems and other electronic petrol price displays also serve to improve the customer's perception of your forecourt as well as reflecting your store's quality by presenting a professional image, thus potentially attracting further business.

Data Display's range of electronic fuel price displays are available with a choice of communications interface configured to suit your forecourt requirements. LED Fuel Price displays can be single sided or double sided so that prices and fuel types can be viewed by traffic coming from either direction to maximise potential visitors to your forecourt.

Our LED forecourt displays can benefit your petrol station by:

• Enhancing the aesthetics of your forecourt
• Providing clear and up-to-date prices
• Providing an effective method of communication for customers and staff
• Improve the customer's perception of your business
• Gives a chance to inform your customers about promotions and special loyalty rates and schemes.

Interior displays

Our eye-catching, colourful, and dynamic range of single line LED displays can be used within your shop to display scrolling messages to gain the attention of your customers. These prove invaluable in making customers aware of any special and appealing promotions, food options or any additional services offered within the service station itself and thus increasing revenue. Moving message displays can also be incorporated into the actual forecourt display itself to draw in passing traffic.

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