Station Evacuation (SEVAC)

In a public environment, many situations can arise where you may need to evacuate stations or other buildings during an emergency in the fastest possible time; fire alarms, spillages, moving machinery, security control and bomb alerts can all be genuine reasons to evacuate an area.

A low maintenance solution with negligible running costs is a state of the art illuminated visual warning sign from Data Display, our so-called ‘Station Evacuating’ (SEVAC) sign. It is suitable for a wide variety of security applications but, has been developed particularly for Crossrail to satisfy the need clearly inform passengers that the station is being evacuated.

Our standard units are available with the most frequently needed wording (‘Station Evacuating’ for example) but can also be supplied with alternative wording or special pictogram to suit the specific application. Using ultra-bright LED technology, the electronic displays are highly visible even in harsh conditions such as direct sunlight and in adverse weather such as fog. A ‘hidden-til-lit’ message is designed to be unobtrusive with the message concealed under normal operation but becomes clearly visible once activated. Integrated flashing lanterns and an alarm sounder are an added design feature to maximise the impact of the display.

Normal operation of the sign is by means of a contact closure. As an option, an additional model enables complete compatibility with Apollo and Hochiki fire alarm interfaces or can be adapted to any other existing industry standard fire alarm loop.

A control box is also available to allow multiple or single SEVAC activation.


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