TFT / LCD Displays

Our range of TFT/LCD displays have been designed to give exceptional performance in demanding environments. Their flat screen technology, long life expectancy and zero maintenance make Data Display's TFT Displays a popular choice for a wide range of customer facing applications such as rail stations, bus terminals and airports. Our TFT/LCD display range is available in different sizes and formats ranging from 15” through to 40” panel size.

Data Display has developed a new range of very low maintenance Ruggedised TFT Displays for applications needing an industrial display with flat screen and full colour capabilities. Standard screen sizes available include 19″, 32″ and 40″. For large projects other sizes can be designed and manufactured to special order.

A unique feature of all monitor sizes is the thermodynamically styled aluminium TFT housing which enables heat generated internally to be dissipated to the outside air. This is achieved without the use of cooling fans and yet maintaining an IP65 seal against dust and water ingress. This means that no routine maintenance is required until it is time to replace the long-life backlight. The backlights have a rated lifetime of typically 50,000 working hours which equates to over 5 years depending upon usage.

All TFT monitors are normally supplied with an integrated single board PC which has a solid state disk. Embedded Windows XP is supplied as standard. For some specialised applications in the rail sector a Windows application supplied by Data Display is used to format the screen display from an external data feed. Supported formats include the Atos Origin EDF feed and the Amey Datel ADP feed. The PC versions of the TFT displays have an Ethernet interface as standard. Alternatively, an optically isolated serial interface can be provided — either RS232 or RS485. Alternatively, these displays are available without the integrated PC.

All sizes of Ruggedised TFT displays are fitted with tough polycarbonate front screens. As an extra cost option Data Display can fit laminated glass which, although heavier, gives better results optically. This is further enhanced with an anti-reflective finish.

For high ambient light applications, Data Display has introduced a range of transflective TFT displays. The transflector operates in transmissive mode to allow the backlight to illuminate the display in low ambient light whilst in high ambient light including direct sunlight the transflector operates in reflective mode to allow the external light to be reflected back through the liquid crystal display.

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